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All kind of custom sports apparels , Fitness wear , Fighting wear , Casual wear and under garments, which include baseball uniform , volley ball uniforms , hoodies ,t-shirts, polo shirts , rash guards , sweat pants , sports bra ,varsity jackets ,punching bags , shin guard , head gear , leggings , volley ball uniforms and variety of under garments.

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Our fighting gear products  is designed to empower fighters with the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and performance. From the sturdy construction of our gloves and headgear to the secure fit of our wraps and mouthguards, our fighting gear is built to withstand the intensity of every punch.Padded gloves designed to protect the hands and reduce the impact on opponents.Fingerless gloves that provide some padding while allowing for grappling techniques.Lightweight and loose-fitting shorts that allow for ease of movement.Optional protective headgear that covers the head and face, providing extra protection during sparring or competitions.

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We work extremely from 2009 hard every day to improve our processes, products and overall thinking to  a powerful and exciting brand. we wish to be a market leader for the sports world by offering products that have been designed for particular needs. we are always looking to develop our company to become more resourceful and innovate.

Our diverse experience has given us the expertise to design & manufacture to fulfill our complex requirements. The reason for uprising graph through season to season lies in the continuous efforts from team of pioneers working tired less for the creation and presentation of functional products. This team is well capable to tackle any challenges to meet international standards both in high quality as well as controlled price factors.

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