MMA Gloves

Item Name                      MMA Gloves
Material                           Cowhide leather /  Synthetic leather
Size                                   All sizes are available
Printing & LOGO          Screen Printing
Design                              Customize-able
Shipping                          Worldwide (DHL/FedEx/APX)

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  • ENSURES DURABILITY: The extraordinarily designed MMA gloves are made from high-quality leather that ensures lifelong durability. The mixed martial arts gloves retain their shape even after an intense training session and are a perfect choice for MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.
  • PROVIDES MAXIMUM WRIST SUPPORT: The MMA gloves allow for a quick EX hook-and-closure, which is not only an easy on-and-off application but also helps ensure compact wrist support, especially during a grueling training session. If you have a knack for an intensive boxing match, grappling, and martial arts, the leather MMA gloves will help you master your wrist movement by enhancing your grip and providing maximum support.
  • SWEAT-FREE AND BREATHABLE MATERIAL: THE MMA gloves are made from a sweat-free and breathable material, ensuring maximum comfort even during a prolonged boxing session. The ergonomically designed gloves are all you need to perform your best without compromising your safety!
  • ALLOWS COMPLETE PROTECTION: The MMA gloves for training offer tri-slab PC3 padding, which not only ensures extra protection but helps dispense the shock across the surface of the gloves evenly. The tri-slab PC3 padding is specially designed for impact resistance, and the tri-layered padding provides enhanced safety while punching and training.